How to Setup a Custom Keyboard For the K-enment Environment

How to Setup a Custom Keyboard For the K-enment Environment

KDesktop Environment KDE

If you have not yet heard of it, then what is the K Desktop Environment? It is a design concept for a new type of desktop environment. It has been developed by the Open Source community with the main aim of simplifying the computing process for end-users. In other words, this is to provide a free graphical user interface environment for computer users to easily use software packages without the need to install them first.

Why the change? The primary reason behind the development of the K Desktop Environment is to enable easy access to multimedia (video and audio) software, game development, access to Internet and much more. What’s more, it lets you easily manage your computer desktops by allowing you to set up an efficient workspace without the need to learn any new technical terms or software applications. And most importantly, with this feature of the K-desktop, any user can be provided with an interactive desktop that is comparable to another major control panel like the Windows XP Control Panel. So how does it work?

When a user loads the appropriate drivers, he/she will be able to plug in and enjoy the interactive features of his/her computer. One example of such driver is the X-Live CD Drivers. This kind of CD driver enables your computer to run CD video and music directly from your hard drive without having to load the whole operating system first. This will save you precious time and the trouble of installing the entire operating system again.

Let us now see how the K Desktop Environment can be tweaked to allow users to fully enjoy the benefits of the multi-touch input method. The first thing that you need to do is to install the latest version of X Desktop Environment. Once that is done, launch the application called “X-desktop”. It is normally located at the root directory of your computer system. Then click “Start”.

The first option that you have is the tab. Here, you will be able to find some simple hotkey combination that you can use to input whatever action you want to be performed on your desktop. For example, if you are in the process of dragging a file from the desktop into the Clipboard, just hit the keys combination of Control + T to bring up the drag function menu. Here, you can use the mouse pointer to drag the file from the desktop to the clipboard.

The next step is to find and double click the item named “Show keyboard layout”. You should see a pop-up menu appears on your screen. If you are using a Microsoft keyboard, you will see a standard keyboard in the list. If you use a regular computer key layout, you will see the normal keyboard in the list. Click on “Find” to locate and double click the item named” keyboards”.

The third option that you have is the control panel in the K-Desktop environment. This control panel is a window that displays several graphical interfaces that are commonly used in the normal operation mode of the Linux operating system. Click on the item named “KDE Software Compiz Fusion”, and then click “OK”. The next step is to find the control panel button of the window and double click the icon of “keredit”.

The last option is to click on the arrow on the popup that indicates the section named “K Disk Copy”. The contents of this menu should now be displayed on your screen. Now, all you have to do is to click on the “copy” command that is highlighted on the right pane of the window. The final step is to click “OK”. That should be all that is required to set up your own customized K Enlightenment desktop environment.

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