ASUS Gallery – A Review Of An Excellent Android Photography Software Suite

ASUS Gallery – A Review Of An Excellent Android Photography Software Suite

The ASUS Gallery is a unique program from the manufacturer of the extremely popular Zune. It allows you to upload and share your own Android screen captured videos, pictures, and images with your friends and fans via a Web browser. You can also comment on other people’s screens and share your thoughts on them. This is actually similar to what a video sharing site such as YouTube does, but instead of posting your video online you can post it on the ASUS Gallery Android site. Many people are enjoying being able to use their new smart phones like the Zune to get media back at an affordable price with this unique application.

ASUS Gallery android

I’ve been looking for a site that allows me to easily upload my photos and share them with others. The only problem I have had has been finding a site that allows me to do so at an affordable price. I don’t have too many people I know that use their cell phone to take pictures or shoot video. That is why this new gallery helped me out so much.

After purchasing the Zune and trying it out I quickly realized how much I really wanted it. After hooking it up to my laptop I was amazed at all the functions this little piece of technology offers. Not only is it extremely easy to upload your files it also enables you to edit them in 3D. I love being able to add text and merge the images. This software truly changed the way I view my photography.

One of the things I loved about the Zune software application was the ability to download images from my digital camera and import them into the photo album. The program also lets me do the same thing with my PSP. The software allows me to duplicate an image and save it as a wallpaper. Some of these softwares even allow me to add text to my photographs. These functions make using the Zune Gallery very flexible.

The other day I was playing around with the ASUS Gallery and noticed that there were some really nice applications there that allowed me to upload my files directly from my USB flash drive. Once I connected the flash drive to the computer it opened quickly and displayed all of my files. There were a lot of great photos on this device and there was a search function for those difficult to find files. I love being able to access so many people’s talent and creativity through the one place online where it’s completely safe and secure. Being able to download pictures straight to my phone is just fantastic.

With so many people taking pictures with their cell phones it is important that the sharing options are secure. The USB connectable storage that is provided by the ASUS Gallery isn’t compromised in any way. I can send an image to someone and they can send it to me. The software is also quite simple to use.

I can download and install the software without any problems. If you want to make the most of the software suite then I suggest you download the latest version. That way you will get the most current version and any upgrades or fixes that are available. The program works great with my LG Optimus G Pro. There are so many great applications that I hardly ever have to worry about freezing or crashing.

To sum it up, if you want to be able to share your pictures through your phone with anyone you want, the ASUS Gallery is perfect for you. This software allows you to upload your files from your computer as well as your USB drive and offer it to anyone you would like. You will get downloads that are high quality and many applications to choose from. It is definitely worth the money invested if you are someone who wants the best for their money.

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